Peace of mind begins with compliant, dedicated security for your regulated business.

TriForce offers security, consulting, management, transporting, and training for the legal cannabis industry and other regulated industries. We have a dedicated team with over 34 years of law enforcement experience to assist your needs so you can focus on running and growing your business.

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We offer everything from digital security systems, armed and unarmed security guards, to training your staff to meet the standards regulated by DHSS and the State of Missouri.

Three pillars of service. One force.

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The TriForce team can assist your business in covertly transporting the proceeds of your business. We have a team of professional security officers who spent their careers working with the criminal element and know how to identify and deter criminal activity before it happens.

Compliance & Beyond

Armed and Unarmed Guards
Automatic Law Enforcement Notification
Bodyguard Services
Building Fortification
Compliance Policy Development
Counterfeit Currency
Detection of Unauthorized Intrusion
Electronic Card Access Systems
Electronic Recording Storage
Electronic Video Monitoring
Employee Continual Training
Exterior Lighting Surveillance
Failure Notification Systems
Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera Systems
Law Enforcement Liaison
Property Security
Security Best Practices Training
Silent Alarms
Vaults and Safes
Visitor Management


Cannabis and Regulated Industry Security

Comprehensive dispensary, cultivation, and infused products facilities security, offering complete coverage of your licensed operation from tech to personnel. Our team understands the complexity of challenges your operation will face. TriForce’s team will conduct a complete overview of your business and provide feedback to make your business the safest.

Commercial and Personal Security

We offer comprehensive security for your business or event. Let us help you decide on what type of security that will best suit your needs. We hire professional and experienced security personnel who are evaluated by our staff of specialists. TriForce is team of individuals who work together to alleviate risks on all fronts.

Armed and unarmed guards

  • Security professionals trained to protect clients, employees, and business.

Bodyguard services

  • Team of uniquely skilled hand selected professionals that can mitigate a threat before it becomes an issue 

Guarded transportations

  • Your products are the income for your business. TriForce uses a heavy equipped vehicle and covert surveillance to safely deliver your product safely.

Vaults and Safes

  • A safe or dual-authentication vault is necessary in a business that is handling money on the premises.

Visitor Management

Electronic recording storage

  • Securely store digital information and backup to ???? in real time

Failure notification systems 

  • Effective messaging and rapid communication are essential tools during a crisis. Putting the right software into a business to fit your needs

Building fortification

  • Creating a multi-layer protection based system for your business to keep you and your employees safe from criminal activities during operational and non-operation times. 

Interior/Exterior Property Security, Lighting and Surveillance

  • Protecting a business is a full-time operation and TriForce helps you to adhere to the laws and state regulations to go above and beyond the expected scope of coverage. Through a combination of proper lighting and high resolution infrared cameras with high capacity NVR (network video recorder), TriForce has you covered on the essentials of criminal deterrence with a total or near total coverage of your business with the latest technology to keep the interior and exterior free of intrusion.

Counterfeit Currency

  • Identifying ways to prevent from suffering the loss of revenue through identifying techniques in identifying counterfeit currency. 

Electronic card access systems

  • Assign levels of protection based on the person’s role or function. Electronic access systems coupled with video surveillance allows business to continually monitor its activities.

Automatic law enforcement notification

  • Using the latest software to stay connected to law enforcement at a moment’s notice 

Silent alarms

  • Detection of unauthorized intrusion

Security Best Practices Training

  • TriForce understands the importance for all employees to understand what to do in all circumstances that may happen. Training in awareness, active shooter, chemical hazards, and dealing with high stress situations.

Employee continual training

  • Up-to-date training regulated not only by the state but to the standards of their experience in law enforcement.

Compliance policy development

Law enforcement liaison

  • TriForce is a team of former and retired police officers with over 34 years of law enforcement tactics and investigation experience. They have developed work related partnerships with all the surrounding state and federal agencies.
Compliance Packages
Building Fortification

The TriForce Security team will assist you through in-person consultation for all of your security needs. 

Compliance Packages

  • Loyal personnel committed to help your company comply with the standards regulated with DHSS that impact your day-to-day operations.

Building Fortification

  • Interior, exterior, parking lot


  • Team of former and retired police officers who are experts in all investigative matters. TriForce can assist in the initial stages of a criminal act and serve as a liaison with local police departments.

Commercial and Home Consultation

Paul Hamilton and his team will meet with you in-person at your business or home to provide an audit and recommendation concerning your security requirements.

VIP Consultation 

VIP and Dignitary protection comes with complex responsibility. Planning the safest route, securing the events location, vetting personnel, and communication needs are responsibilities TriForce will handle.

Cannabis consultation 

Experts in cannabis and regulated industry security, we build, plan, design, and train to keep up with the latest technology so you, your employees, and business are safe.

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TriForce Security personnel have developed a curriculum to prepare you and your employees to maintain a secure and compliant business. The curriculum will consist of:

Commercial and regulated industry Training 

  • Security measures
  • Emergency response
  • Theft protection (Internal/External)
  • Use of Force
  • Crime Scene protection
  • Evaluating credentials of any third party for security needs
  • Evaluating credentials of contractors hired to provide services 
  • Fake Identification 
  • Counterfeit Currency
  • Social Media and how it can affect employee and business safety
  • First Aid

Cannabis Training 

  • Semi-annual audit of security measures
  • Annual employee security measure, emergency response, and theft prevention training 
  • One (1) week employee security measure, emergency response, and theft prevention training 
  • Contractor credential evaluation 
  • Third party credential evaluation 
  • Training for all facility employees in theft prevention, emergency response, appropriate use of force, protection of a crime scene, and control of access to protected areas.

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With over 34 years of experience in law enforcement.

Extensive backgrounds in tactical operations and investigations. Worked extensively with the Homicide, Robbery, Burglary, Fraud, and Assault Squads. Planned operational plans on investigations and with dignitary visits. Have a team of dedicated personnel who have a working knowledge of the policy and procedures with surrounding state agencies along with our federal partners to include FBI, ATF, DEA, US Marshals service, Postal, and IRS.

To help businesses, staff, and people work at the optimum level and continually improve those relationships with an emphasis on communication, security, training, and consulting. Providing an ethical approach to the future.

Our Mission

A team of dedicated experienced professionals who will provide clients with a secure and safe environment.

about us

TriForce is a one-stop solution for your security needs. Our team understands the complexity and the challenges each legal cannabis industry and business will face through external and internal theft. Let our team help you manage your security needs to include structural security (inside and out), surveillance and access control, and employee safety. Our team’s experience, as prior law enforcement officers understand the latest in crime trends. Let us help you make your business and employees safe from break-ins, thefts, and robberies. Offering fully-customized security solutions to your unique needs of your licensed cannabis and regulated industries business is our specialty. 

TriForce is dedicated to the safety of your business and employees, to make sure each employee understands the ethical approach to do their job efficiently. It matters because at Triforce we understand the commitment to physically help monitor your business and prevent mistakes before they happen. 

We understand the importance of business and employee safety, the operational standards associated with the job, and the importance in monitoring your business to make sure those standards are in place.

Paul Hamilton, founder of TriForce Security and former SWAT sergeant

Lead by Paul Hamilton, a 34-year veteran with the Kansas City Missouri Police department, rising through the ranks as officer, detective, and finally retiring as Sergeant of the Drug Enforcement Unit.

His other notable assignments were:

  • Task Force supervisor with FBI DEA and ATF 
  • Sergeant, street narcotics unit, tactical squad 
  • Sergeant for KCMO SWAT for 14 years

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